scratch & trash

Export multiple crops of the same Image

The Export dialog can support multiple exports from the same image. When each export branch has its own operations chain, everything is possible: invidiual scaling, sharpening, color space conversion and so on.

visible order of layer stack with blend modes

The black layer appears to be on top, even though it is below the red one in the layer stack.

legacy blend modes2

legacy blend modes

Noisy Ants

Quasimode Adjustments



Problems of HSV and HSL Color Models

Blending two orthogonal gray dithered gradients using blend mode “saturation”:

Decomposition of a dithered gray gradient:

Gradient Editor with Color Inspector

Motion Blur with decaying kernel

Polaroids; Hierarchical Tabs

Color management — postponed commit

Color management — dataflow, profiles

tabs degradation

tabs & icons & height

how to visualize feathered selections / fuzzy brush outlines?

Movies of xor-ed brush stamps:


Method used:
XOR background with 0x7FFF7F, blend result according to brush stamp alpha. circlehard050.avi and grunge050.avi have alpha reduced by 50%.

pop-menu for layer mode selection:


Adjusting table sort order


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